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The History of Tucson Gift Gallery

Tucson Gift Gallery is owned and operated by husband and wife, Bob and Sherry Hyde. Sherry has history of selling artwork that goes back to Texas in the 1980’s. Our first shop, Framed Fantasies, opened after a successful run of arts and crafts shows. We featured Sherry’s art, incense, gold and crystal gifts and carried hand-blown glass from 9 different glass blowers. Framed Fantasies closed in 1991, but Sherry kept on doing her art.  She has always worked on improving her skills and developing new ways to get different textures and effects.  She began using flagstone, granite, glass and tiles for her pictures.  This eventually led to her painted, detailed beaded pictures.  She uses different types of beads in multiple patterns to get unique textures in her art.

In 1998 we moved to Tucson, AZ in search of a new storefront. We looked all over Tucson but were continually drawn back to the Fourth Avenue area because of the atmosphere. We settled into our first location right next door at 421 N. 4th Avenue.  The space was cozy, but small. So we put ourselves on the waiting list with our landlord for the larger space next door, just in case it became available.

In 2011 the business was running nicely, until we had a small fire in the shop on August 15th.  There was minimal fire damage, but huge amounts of smoke damage.  We closed for 12 days and spent several months getting everything cleaned and replaced.  This experience affected our business, and our mental and physical health, but through it all we persevered.

We cleaned, repainted, re-arranged, and eventually had the shop looking better than ever.  But sure enough as we were finally ready to move forward, the space we were waiting for all along had become available. Of course we took the opportunity, and again, we cleaned and reconstructed the store, but in a much larger space this time.   

Years of construction on 4th Avenue helped improve the infrastructure surrounding us. Dating all the way back to early 2000’s when underpass construction started, we have endured a series of projects from the city that left us with the streets closed and even a fence in front of our doors. Surviving the years of construction left us with a repaved and painted street, better protection against flooding in the monsoon season, and brand new Tucson Street Car.

We have used the time to rebrand ourselves.  This included painting, re-arranging displays, building displays and we even changed our name to Tucson Gift Gallery.  The new name was chosen to reflect an upgrading of the merchandise.   We picked the Phoenix as our new logo.  We came out of the ashes literally after the fire in 2011.  We feel we came out of the ashes figuratively after the years of construction.  We are changing our products, and have added jewelry and beads.  The change of name and colors was not just a physical change, but a sign of our renewed energy and hope for the future of Tucson Gift Gallery.  
In 2016 we closed the doors to our store and are taking the show on the road. 
Sherry and Bob have both retired from our other jobs and now are free to travel. 
We plan to hit some art and craft shows around Arizona and the Southwest.

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